Do You Know What to do in your In Between?  St. Mark 5:21-36, 40-42 CD/DVD

 You are not broke just in between blessings.  You are not sick just in between healings. You are not defeated just in between your victory.  You are not dead just in between spiritual life. You are not weak just in between strength.  You are not in the circumstances just in between transforming.

 Birthing Out God's Righteous Seed St. Luke 8:5-9, 11-15 CD

When God seed is planted in you, you become pregnant with Him.  He becomes your Father and you begin forming looking like your Father; having His features and His characteristics.  His word is planted in you so that you can obey Him and live according to His word.  His love is planted in you for you to show not just those in the church, but also the world His unconditional love.  He plants in His unforgiveness, His peace and His joy. 

I Gave My Last, Now What? Genesis 13:7-18 CD/DVD

When you have an emergency situation, you need an emergency solution and His Name is Jesus.  You may have given your last, but the "Promises" belong to you.  When someone walks away with the promises that God gave you, it will not last because they have a copy, a duplicate, but they don't have the original "Promise"; it was given to you; not them.  When they walked away with your "Promise", they don't have the correct instructions nor directions.  Be like Abram; walk out the "Promises" that God gave to you.  Don't worry about those Lots that left; it wasn't their "Promise" in the beginning.  

Satan, You Are Evicted! Luke 11:20-26, 18:35-43 CD/DVD

When you evict Satan out of your life, make sure that he takes everything that he used against you.  Make sure that he takes everything that has caused you trials, tribulations, hurt, and pain.  You don't want the devil to leave nothing of his in your life.  Make sure that when you evict Satan that he pack up his sickness, his disease, his hate, his frustration, his heartache, his grief, his shame, low self-esteem, and anything else that the Holy Spirit speak to you about.  Remember:  if you let Satan leave anything, he think that he has the right to come back.

Empty Your Bag I Samuel 1:4-20 CD

As women, we like to buy nice bags (pocketbooks).  We like to get different colors that will match our shoes and outfits.  We like to get different sizes depending on where we are going or what we are doing.  Whatever size that we choose we have the tendency to fill it up with stuff.  We put in our wallet that we fill up by itself, we put in paper, pen, comb, brush, makeup, and whatever else we feel that we will need and fill it up.

   In the spirit we carry around all different types of spiritual bags.  Some of you have bags of confusion, bags of guilt, bags of pain, bags of unforgiveness, bags of anger, bags of frustration, bags of depression, bags of being overwhelmed, and bags of doubt.  Make sure that you trade in all of those in and get the bags of love, bags of faith, bags of joy, bags of peace, and bags of comfort.  


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